Consultation throughout the entire process.

Working with tight margins requires the highest level of attention to details. In Berto, we grasp the importance of small details, and that is why every phase of the textile production process receives our close attention and care.

We provide our clients with consistent consultation on best practice in all areas of their business including pattern-making, fabric quality and confection.

Over 70 years of experience has taught us how to pay special attention to every phase of the process, and, as a result, the final product delivered to our clients meets the highest quality standards both in confection and finishings.

In order to ensure the process is carried out in accordance with the previously agreed parameters by both parties and without delays or issues, we provide our clients with consultation in every necessary step of the way.

What distinguishes us:

Know our after sell service.

Finally, our after sell service is available to our clients in order to solve any issues that may arise during the process, in the shortest possible time.

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We also offer excellent customer service that includes:

Exclusive and customised patern-making

Wide range of elaborate collections with exclusive patterns.

Quality confection

Our clothes of elaborate collections with exclusive patterns.

Business to business

Easy access to our product catalog, placing orders...