Quality confection.

Our strong team, as well as 10,000 square meters of storage space, enable us to respond promptly to the most demanding orders, both in price and volume.

We also work with international providers of high-quality raw material at competitive prices, always willing to improve the margins in order to satisfy our clients’ demands.

Our clothes go through a strict quality control process that allows us to guarantee the delivery of first-class products with carefully crafted detail finishings, ready to be commercialised by the brands that put their trust in Berto.

Process follow-up from start to finish

Every piece is checked in accordance with the standards established by Berto, thanks to years of experience and a vast knowledge of the market. We have excellent quality control in every stage of the production, that is why the final product is delivered to our clients with the highest level of quality, both in confection and finishing.

Know our after sell service.

Finally, our after sell service is available to our clients in order to solve any issues that may arise during the process, in the shortest possible time.

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We also offer excellent customer service that includes:


Wide range of elaborate collections with exclusive patterns.


Consultation for our clients at all times, with the goal of finding the best quality product according to their objectives.

Business to business

Easy access to our product catalog, placing orders...