BERTO International Textile, is the result of three generations of shirtmakers, dating back to 1942.




Years of experience

Creating customised clothes, representing the very best of traditional Spanish shirtmaking.

500 +

Satisfied clients

We offer our clients the full life cycle of textile production.

1000 +

Exclusive collections

Our collections follow the highest quality standards.

500 +

Customised collections

Thanks to reliable delivery dates and convenient rate negotiations.


  1. Con la calidad como bandera, el origen de nuestra experiencia nace en xxx, en la provincia de xxxx.

    En un taller artesano y confeccionando a medida camisas para hombre, nuestro fundador, xxxx, trabajó durante xxx años creando a medida prendas que transmitieran la mejor tradición camisera española.

  2. En 200X y tras un nuevo enfoque, BERTO se orienta hacia un nuevo camino, con los valores de siempre.

    Aportar toda la experiencia a la confección de camisería y punto para tiendas multimarca, grandes almacenes e ecommerce de moda masculina.

  3. Con casi 80 años de experiencia a sus espaldas.

    BERTO es ahora un equipo de profesionales innovador, joven y centrado en la calidad que pone al servicio del público final colecciones propias.

  4. Somos el primer trading textil español ubicado en España.

    La producción textil ha cambiado. Hoy, tu empresa necesita un socio estratégico que pueda gestionar una producción global a precios sin competencia. Berto es tu partner español para producir con la máxima calidad y mantener los márgenes a raya.

Exclusive collections

As a result of our experience and trends vision, every season we design exclusive collections adaptable to men looking for quality without giving up to a younger and modern style.
This exclusive clothes, designed by our own team, includes shirts and knitwear both for dressing and sport, a wide range of options for men who want to look dapper from dawn until dusk.
We own several clothing lines that respond to a variety of styles, always using high-quality fabrics and patterns that adjust to the requirements of each and every one of our clients.

We operate with a wide range of styles, like Oxford-fabric shirts, a perfect combination of classic clothing with a renewed style; or the urban-style shirts, informal clothes for the everyday, with character.
Our collections follow the highest quality of standards, fruit of our handmade tradition and our 70+ years of experience in the industry. This exclusive collection can be purchased to be customised by the brand, modifying aspects that will help fit the style and personality of the clients.

Customised collections

The fashion world moves fast and it’s easy to get lost between middlemen and trends. Our experience has showed us that we can offer our knowledge to other brands in order to generate the best synergy at the most competitive price.

That is why we offer exclusive and customised collections to malls, multi-brand stores and e-commerce that need advice, design and high-quality products at a market price that allows them to get the most attractive margins.
We work with a dynamic team capable of adapting to the needs and trend vision of our clients, always under the quality premises, neat tailoring and excellent raw material.
Adaptability is our greatest virtue, which is why we are capable of creating collections that respond to the spirit of those brands we collaborate with, materialising their exact ideas and style at the best price in the market.
Our clients and us, we are a team. We are not just a reliable supplier, we are also a strategic partner that can help them conquer new markets while responding promptly to a changing demand within an industry that never stops.

That is why the reliability of our delivery dates and convenience of the order process are two of our trademarks in our relationship with our clients. To have the best product in record time without stock problems, delays or lack of communication is our trademark and one of the most valuable points, according to our clients.