Sales representatives for every client.

The satisfaction of our clients is one of our main priorities, that is why we join forces with a large team of representatives, specialised in every phase of production.

We offer an intimate and direct approach, visiting clients in their facilities, offices or commercial stores, eliminating the need for them to make unnecessary trips.

On top of that, and thanks to the power of technology, our representatives have the option of checking stocks and catalog availability in real time, with the capacity of placing orders and making purchases during such visits with no time wasted. This way, we can significantly speed up the process, giving our clients a competitive edge in the market.

Our representatives work closely in our offices with a commercial team that follows the whole process, from the initial order to the final delivery, keeping the clients informed at all times so they don’t have to worry about anything

What distinguishes us:

Know our after sell service.

Finally, our after sell service is available to our clients in order to solve any issues that may arise during the process, in the shortest possible time.

Any doubts? Contact any of our agents!


We also offer excellent customer service that includes:


Wide range of elaborate collections with exclusive patterns.


A global network that allows swift handling of all-size orders in a short period of time.


Consultation for our clients at all times, with the goal of finding the best quality product according to their objectives.