Exclusive and customised pattern-making.

We develop our own patterns, with a wide range of collections that respond to different styles, trends and confection lines, so that we can adapt to the needs and demands of our clients.

Berto’s patterns are fruit of our vast experience in confection for three generations. This give us the capacity to provide our clients with as many options as they wish, without having to pay more for rights. In addition, the patterns can be modified in accordance with the particular needs of each client.

On top of that, our highly qualified design team, with experience both in classic shirtmaking and in the latest trends, can develop bespoke patterns based on our clients’ needs, offering the very best of high quality customisation.

Our response time with prototypes has no competition in the market: in 15 days, our clients can have their hands on a prototype that meets the needs of the market.

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We also offer excellent customer service that includes:

Business to business

Easy access to our product catalog, placing orders...


A global network that allows swift handling of all-size orders in a short period of time.

Quality confection

Our clothes go through strict quality controls.