Spanish textile trading in Spain.

We manage the production of your collection from start to finish at an unbeatable price.

Textile production has changed. In today’s world, your company needs an strategic partner able to manage a global production at a price, unmatched by our competitors. Berto is your Spanish partner for high-quality production, while keeping margins under control.

Who we are

We are the first Spanish textile trading located in Spain. We manage the global production of your men’s shirts collection from start to finish at the most competitive price in the market.

Here at Berto we offer our clients the whole spectrum for shirts production. We make the design requested by our clients and we adapt to the fabric required. All of this framework is managed directly by our professionals until they meet the logistic platforms already set, with the compromise of a company dedicated to the shirt production for more than 70 years.

On top of that, we create our own collections for multi brand stores, malls and e-commerce sites, ready for purchase and commercialise with the quality and price that define us.

Be it for large productions or small requests, Berto always meets the needs of every client, thanks to the flexibility of a young and dynamic team and the experience of three generations of textile producers.

What we do

Delocalisation allows textile companies to obtain better profit margins, something that here at Berto we know very well. That is why, more than XX years ago, we made an strategic decision that led us to become a textile trading that produces for main brands with the highest quality standards in the market.

Berto offers its clients high-quality products, both in fittings and accessories, and of course a wide range of fabrics from the latest trends in the market.

Without middlemen, straight from the source and the comfort of a company with its headquarters in Spain that understands the trends, margins and production process, and with a vast and wide experience in the world of men’s shirt production.

On top of that, we offer our own collection based on our experience with the latest trends in men’s shirts, ready to be commercialised in big malls and multi brand stores at a very competitive price.


We manage the production of your collection from start to finish at an unbeatable price.

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Why we are different?

We are a bridge that connects the product with the final client, with the attention to detail of three generations of textile professionals who know the production first-hand.

We offer the best quality at an unbeatable price thanks to our own factories, with a total of 10.000m2 between production plant, warehouse and offices; this allow us to offer attractive margins to brands of all kinds: from premium brands that offer first-quality products, to the ones more focused on an economic target.

How we do it

Here at Berto we believe that innovation and adaptation to new market demands will shape the future of fashion.

This is where we offer essential value to our clients; the opportunity to customise their collections to the smallest details, including pattern making, quality of the fabrics, finishing and presentation, completed with a prompt delivery and within the margins previously set.

Thanks to the hard work of the ethical and professional team at Berto, we are able to manage the high demands of the market, giving special care to the quality standards of fabrics, production and finishing.