Top professionals for a quality product.

Berto started as a family company but today, it has grown into a group of top professionals in the industry, ready to provide the best products in shirtmaking.
Within the professional team at Berto, you will find designers, patternmakers, textile experts, administrative and quality control personnel, as well as a commercial team always willing to meet the needs of our clients. We share a unique corporate culture of detail-orientation and focus on client satisfaction.

More than 1,000 square meters at our clients’ disposal.

Our facilities spread over the space of 1,000 square meters; the factory, warehouses, workshops and administrative offices, all of them equipped with the most advanced technology in order to rise the floor efficiency until reaching the target of 3,000 shirts per day. Thanks to this capacity, we can manage high demands in record time, way ahead of our industry competitors.

Great response capacity.

Every year, we produce a total of half a million shirts, turning us into one of the companies with higher production capacity in the Spanish market. We work hand in hand with the most important companies in the textile industry, in every line of design and finishing, always adjusting in accordance with client needs as well as market demands.

Prototypes ready in the least possible time.

Fashion industry moves fast and can’t stand still. Nowadays, clients expect an almost constant collection refreshment, which translates into a huge amount of pressure for the brands that have to respond promptly to the urgent demands.

At Berto, in order to ensure our clients can respond to these high demands, we need to maximise our efforts in adjusting and meeting deadlines, with a response time below market standards, both in production capacity and orders process. A good example could be the commitment of having prototypes ready in 15 days, making it possible for our clients to materialise their products in the least possible time while responding to the market in the same manner the consumer demands. We are proud of our 15 days commitment, one of the tightest in the market and on the same level as the great brands that put their trust in Berto. Such efforts result in our capacity to receive, shape and create prototypes in 15 days, thanks to a speedy commercial department, as well as design and pattern making team, who always meet the delivery deadlines that are in place. 

Guaranteed delivery time.

Despite the availability of prototypes in no time, we can’t forget that a prototype is just the first brick of a large building: the production. We extend our commitment with the market demands to every step of the process, with a complete delivery time of 90 days from the moment we accept the production conditions. 90 days for the whole process, from confection and labelling to packaging and shipment to the client’s destination, wherever that is.